Stand Your Ground Law Essay

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Under the Stand Your Ground laws, an individual is acknowledged to have held a sensible fear of imminent threat of death or great bodily harm in order to use defensive force which is intended or possibly to result in death or great bodily harm when the individual against the aggressor during act of unlawful and vehement entering a residence or occupied vehicle. Most states in particular following Florida passage of Stand Your Ground laws have long permitted the utilization of reasonable force, at times including deadly force to safeguard oneself within one home or the supposed use of “Castle Doctrine” (Siegel). In particular, when the person has removed or was attempting to remove another person against their will from the residence or occupied vehicle. The individual who utilizes defensive force discern or had grounds to believe that an illegal and forceful entry or act was taking place or had occurred. Notably, most Stand Your Ground laws generally include a wider castle doctrine, and the removal of the duty to retreat when outside one residence and majority of the states have not coalesce immunity with any presupposition of reasonable fear. The aim of this paper is to agree with the Stand Your Ground Law. This research paper uses some cases from the past to prove how this law is effective to protect individuals life and someone else life that is in danger. Many find it very difficult and unclear to understand the meaning of “Stand Your Ground” law. Causing people to misuse and get charged with the outcomes of their actions. Discussion Stand your ground law is about balance and drawing the line in the sand by defining that an individual can allow the intruder to do this to them, but not this act (Gardner and Anderson). For instance, the case of Zachary Levin who confronted his mother’s boyfriend with baseball bats and was shot and killed raised the question

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