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Police Reporting Assignment When writing your report please use the following interviews, and the accompanying photographs. The photographs are staged, and do not represent a real crime scene. You will be writing from the perspective of the officer. Notes at the Scene: Dispatched to 221 Wakefield Drive on June 24, 2010, at 07:15. Courtney Fink was found dead on arrival (DOA) in her home. Home appeared to be in disarray. It was currently sunny, but it had rained for several days and the ground was quite wet. Interview with Deceased’s Friend at the Scene Officer: What is your name? Jones: Nora Jones. Officer: What’s your relationship to the victim? Jones: We’ve been friends for 15 years…I just can’t believe this is happening. Officer: Have you seen her recently? Jones: Yes, just last night. Officer: How was she? Jones: She was happy. She just got out of a long, emotionally abusive and draining relationship. [Staring off into the distance.] Officer: What do you [Jones interrupts]. Jones: [Hysterical] That’s it; he did this, he said he would never let anyone else have her! Officer: Now, now, calm down. Who is “he”? Jones: No, I can’t believe this…it was Zack. [Begins to sob.] Officer: We can continue this later… Interview with Neighbor Officer: Now Mr. Smith, You were the one who called in the incident, correct? Smith: Yeah well, I normally see Courtney every day, but I haven’t seen her in a couple of days, and last night my wife was having a jewelry show and Courtney had said she really wanted to attend. When she didn’t show up my wife went over to Courtney’s house, and knocked on the door. It was quite strange because although Courtney’s car was in the driveway, she didn’t answer the door. Officer: Uh, huh. Smith: It’s such a shame she was such a lovely, young girl. Officer: Some of the others I have talked to have mentioned a
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