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Nguonkeat Tiv Prof Avila English 1C 12.00pm Sept 09 2012 Essay 1 Stand For Myself Humans are different from one another; therefore we have different belief on major aspects of life. I write this essay in attend to express my belief in different major aspects of life such as political, religion, responsibility for humankind and friendship. My comment on these topics are what I stand for, I don’t mean to discriminate anybody. Political I always believe that political should provide job and peace to the country. I was born in Cambodia and it is a democratic country. Unfortunately from what I see, Cambodia is democracy by name but not by action. The wealthy people control the government in my country, thereby; as long as you are wealthy people tend to obey you. I witnessed an action of corruption once. My friend’s uncle was caught in drug dealing case. It was a serious offense which enough to sentence him for long years in prison. Fortunately for him, my friend’s father was wealthy; he bribed the officer to release my friend’s uncle. If this corruption was prevented by the officer did not accept the bribe, criminal would get caught and it also set an example to the rest of the drug dealers. After witnessing such an act, I felt that government should eliminate corruption in order for the country to move forward. I believe that it is time for Cambodia to elect a new Prime Minister. Cambodia’s current Prime Minster, Hun Sen, has been elected for 20 years. I could see there is improvement in economy in recent years, but the poverty level in Cambodia still hasn’t drop. There is no solid evidence of his corruption act, because his lower rank officers did the dirty jobs for him most of the time. My father’s friend is an officer in the government party. He told my dad that he could my dad an officer badge as long as my dad is willing to pay for it. My

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