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Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner, is a simple but very powerful story of four boys who share a unique and challenging series of events in their pursuit of discovering a missing body. The main characters of Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern share a journey that shows us that when people have the support of others, no matter how problematic, difficult or diverse their backgrounds are and their personal upbringings may be, that true friendship can bind them together. Even through personal adversity, friendship itself can indeed be the most extraordinary and special of experiences. When we are first introduced to the boys, we learn that they all have had not had the perfect family life of the loving mother and father with the stereotypical white picket fence. In fact, the boys have all experienced hardships including death, threats and separation as well as both physical and emotional abuse. At times throughout the story they lean on each other and stare their common struggles and issues. The fact that they have each other in this special friendship is for many of them the thing that keeps them going. Gordie Lachance is the smartest, but most sensitive boy of the group, who spends most of his time in with these other boys. He is the character who recalls the events as a now 27 year old successful writer and father. Gordie lives his younger years full of denial and much uncertainty. His parents tried to cope with the loss of their older child Denny who was killed in a car accident, but this continued to devastate them. Their struggle with this loss had long term effects on their relationship with Gordie, as he sees himself often as the forgotten child, ‘I had become the invisible boy’. Gordie has fonder memories of his times in the ‘Secret Tree House’, where the boys would spend their days. Chris Chambers gives us mixed messages as we can see on the outside he

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