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Movie: “28 days” 1. Presenting addiction: In 28 days the main character “Gwen” is an alcoholic who ends up getting arrested at her sisters wedding for driving drunk and crashing into a house. 2. Observed underlying issues: An observed underlying issue is the relationship with her boyfriend “Jasper”. Jasper is also addicted to alcohol and prescription pills. As the movie progresses you can see how Jasper makes it hard for Gwen to remain sober because he continues to bring in alcohol and pills into rehab. As Gwen interacted with the staff/clients in the rehab clinic you can also see that she is challenged and has issues relating with authoritative figures and communicating about her personal emotions/feelings. 3. History/Progression? There are not any scenes in this movie that show the progression of Gwen’s addiction. 4. Use of other drugs? Gwen is seen taking pills from a prescription pill bottle in a few different scenes. When she was admitted to the rehab clinic one of the nurses did confiscate a bottle of Percocet. One time Gwen even fell out of a tree trying to get to a bottle of pills. 5. Possible dual diagnosis? In the movie Gwen is presented as having a rough childhood with her mother dying young. I feel that there are still some unresolved grief and loss issues that might have generated some severe depression issues. She may also have some social anxiety due to the severity and length of her alcoholism. 6. Observed defense mechanisms? An observed defense mechanism is denial and minimization of the severity of her alcoholism. At the beginning of the movie and when Gwen first entered treatment she did not believe she was an alcoholic/addict. Then Gwen believed that she only needed minimal treatment, and jail was not even a possibility until the clinical supervisor threatened to send her to jail when she left treatment.

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