Stand and Deliver Essay

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Giving honor to God in his house to Pastor Jones, my pastor and Pastor of this house; the President Pastor Ginyard and all the members of the IMA; to the deacons, trustees, ushers, and everyone in God’s house I great you in the name of Jesus! How are you all doing tonight? ¿Como están? ¡Es un placer estar con ustedes esta noche, la última noche del culto! It is a pleasure to be here with you all, on tonight the last night of a wonderful week long revival. Have you been revived and inspired this week? Well the Lord has a couple more messages for you tonight and there is a word from the Lord, so if you would vow your heads tonight for a word of prayer on the subject: “Stand and Deliver!” ¡Señor, estoy frente a ti una vez más para servirte a ti, y solo a ti Dios mío! Help me to be and say what you want your people to hear, open our minds, heart, and soul so that we can serve you by using our office and our gifts for your glory and your glory alone!!! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Our scripture this evening is coming from the Letter to the Ephesians 3:1-13 when you have it say Amen, still looking say espera! Don’t worry I will only read it in English tonight and it reads in the Message translation: The Secret Plan of God (The Message Bible) 1-3This is why I, Paul, am in jail for Christ, having taken up the cause of you, so-called outsiders. I take it that you're familiar with the part I was given in God's plan for including everybody. I got the inside story on this from God himself, as I just wrote you in brief. 4-6As you read over what I have written to you, you'll be able to see for yourselves into the mystery of Christ. None of our ancestors understood this. Only in our time has it been made clear by God's Spirit through his holy apostles and prophets of this new order. The mystery is that people who have never heard of God and those

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