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Daniel Ortega Professor Whalen English 67 945-1150 TTHR June 11, 2011 Tom Wolfe The Right Stuff defined the “right stuff” as a set of qualities that described an individual who processed these qualities whom become successful in their own ways. Garfield High school, a predominate Latinos school were student don’t care or respect authority, gang activity is very common, and student just go to school just to hang out with friends and waste away their day and education, Until one teacher shows up and made a difference and that teacher has the change the foundation on education, discipline, and challenge authority because he/she seen potential in these students. In Roman Mendez’s Stand and Deliver Jaime Escalante shows up at Garfield High and was welcome with hostility, disrespect, and is given a cold shoulder but has “the right stuff” because he is Persistence in teaching his student to succeed, self sacrifice, and shows bravery when challenging his higher peers. When Jaime Escalante is sent to teach class on the first day for math 1A, all the student were disrespectful toward him, very hostile especially some of the gang members in class and students who show no interest in him as a teacher or the class in general; surprisely he kept his composure in order to gain the respect and attention of his students because he see potential in his student. During class, he encourage his students to participate without putting them down due their lack of motivation and constantly pushing them, he is persistent with his teaching method. When a student decide to give up he doesn’t or doesn’t want to learn, he still teaches. Chuco a tough guy gang member show no respect toward Mr. Escalante but instead of being angry he use his humor with his teaching method , he is given the finger in which he respond by teaching him multiplication by using his fingers and calls him

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