Stand and Deliever

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April 2013 “Stand And Deliver” Film Essay. To prejudge a group of people as a stereotype can negatively limit the group or individuals being stereotyped. It can be worst when that group of people believe the stereotype and begin to limit themselves. In the film Stand and Deliver, the math teacher Jaime Escalante encourages his students beyond the negative perceptions that society has placed against them. His encouragement and belief in his students shows the difference a wise educator can have on a student’s life. The film “Stand and Deliver” followed the 5 C’s in such a way that it told a compelling story. The five C’s of Drama stand for character, conflict, catastrophe, climax and conclusion. The main character in the film ” Stand and Deliver” is Mr. Escalante who is the new math teacher at Garfield High School. His character is strong, devoted and passionate, and idealistic. He was able to help his students succeed and pass the advance placement test for calculus something that no other teacher could do. The conflict of the film is that Mr. Escalante wants the students to succeed in life. No one really bothered teaching the students math because they wouldn’t take teachers seriously until Mr. Escalante came and never gave up on them. He changed his computer job and changed to being a math teacher to help the students. There are two catastrophe’s in the film the first catastrophe is Mr. Escalante has a heart attack and the second one is that after Mr. Escalante’s student take the A.P test and pass it but later they are accused of cheating. The students are accused because the Educational Testing Service believed they cheated since they said all the students got the same wrong answers. The climax of the film is that Mr. Escalante make his students retake the A.P test. Even though he believed that retaking it would make people think they did cheat but he

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