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Stalking and Victimization 1 Running Head: Stalking and Victimization The Empirical Study of Stalking Victimization Submitted to : Susie Girling March 13, 2009 Statement of Understanding The Empirical Study of Stalking Victimization, by Beth Bjerregaard is an empirical, peer reviewed study because of the following distinguishing characteristics: the title of the study clearly states that this is an empirical study, also this study shows that its peer reviewed by using various other studies and quotes from experts in this particular field. Also the most visible characteristic was the format of this study shows us that it is indeed a empirical study ( Methods, findings, and discussion/conclusion).…show more content…
This study contributes to previous studies in many different ways. First, the study use a random sample of college students, which allows generalization. Second, the random sample collected includes both males and female victims, which allows the researches to view the gender differences in stalking. Last, the study observes the impact on the victim due to risk factors and safety factors that could potentially harm the victim. This study is designed to address the following: 1. What is the prevalence of stalking victimization among this sample and what are the common characteristics of stalking victims? 2. What are the common characteristics of stalking offenders? 3. What are the common characteristics of stalking events/behaviours of stalkers? 4. What are the relationships between threats approaching behaviours, the fear of the victim and physical attacks? 5. How did these Victims react to their experiences and what were their common response? 6. Does the gender of the victim influence the characteristics of the stalking even or the…show more content…
This particular topic used random selected classes from a list, when a class was selected the professor was notified about the study and that their participation was solicited. The researchers administered a anonymous survey to the respondents. This survey was approximately twenty minutes to completely. The survey consisted of basic demographic characteristics of the participants, and asked if they ever had been a victim of stalking. If the participants identified themselves as stalking victims, there were then asked a series of questions related to their stalking experience. Out of the 788 students; 65%=female; 35%=male; 75%= white students, and most students were between the ages of 18 and 25 and 85%

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