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1.The textbook brief section summarizes the central features of most biological theories of crime causation. Each of these points can be found elsewhere in this chapter, so this section is meant to function as guide. Biological theories of crime causation make certain fundamental assumption: The brain is the organ of the mind and the locus of personality. Basic determinants of human behavior, including criminal tendencies, are constitutionally or genetically based to a considerable degree. Observed gender and racial differences in the rates and types of criminality may be at least partially the result of biological differences between the sexes and between racially distinct groups. Basic determinants of human behavior, including criminality, may be passed on from generation to generations, that is , penchant for crime may be inherited. Much of human conduct id fundamentally rooted in instinctive behavioral responses, such as territoriality, condemnation of adultery, and acquisitiveness are known as biological organisms. Biological roots of human conduct have become increasingly disguised as modern symbolic forms of indirect expressive behaviors. (Schmalleger, 2012) 2.Biological perspective explain human behavior by the levels of testosterone in the body and the survival instinct(Schmalleger, 2012) 3. Biosocial criminology is an emerging discipline of criminology that considers how biology, gentics and neurology play a role in criminal behavior. Biosocial criminologists work with researchers from a plurality of sciences, including behavioral genetics, molecular genetics, neurology, biology, obstetrics, psychology and psychophysiology ((Schmalleger, 2012)) to determine the extent that genetics play in criminal behavior that is distinguishable from environmental factors. Biosocial criminologists are generally considered as those researchers who have adopted the

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