Stalin's Five-Year Plan Essay

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How far did the First Five-Year Plan differ from the Second and Third Five-Year Plan? All three Plans were a series of targets, drawn up by government officials working for Gosplan and they were created by Stalin for the ideological reason of industrilsing Russia in order to bring socialism to Russia as he believed that socialism was only possible in a highly advanced industrialized nation. However, the First Five-Year Plan largely differed from the Second and Third Five-Year Plan as they all had distinct priorities however, their failures and successes were quite similar. The First Five-Year Plan explicitly favoured heavy industry over consumer goods as Stalin believed that if he was to take Russia down the path of industrialisation, he had to start with the development of heavy industries. This was an attempt to lay the foundation for future industrial development such as the mass production of raw materials and allowing peasants to gain the skills necessary to work in more sophisticated industries. Additionally, heavy industry would lay the foundation for rearmament in case of war. While Stalin was not intending to create a war economy during the First Five-Year Plan, he was undoubtedly concerned that Russia should be ready to defend itself in the event of war. Focus on heavy industry was one of the aims in all three Plans; however, the Second Five-Year Plan was concerned with consolidating the gains made under the First Five-Year Plan rather than continuing its slow pace. Moreover, planners also tried to stimulate the growth of new industries, such as chemical processing and the development of new materials as well as improving Russia’s transport system. In addition, in order to reverse the low levels of labour productivity the Soviet authorities devised an incentives scheme by creating a media legend known as Stakhanov as well as enforcing a new code of
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