Stalin Took over as the Leader of the Ussr in 1928, Getting Rid of All His Rivals in the Process. How Far Do You Agree with This?

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Stalin and Trotsky Essay Stalin took over as the leader of the USSR in 1928, getting rid of all his rivals in the process. How far do you agree with this? Although, Trotsky appeared to have the upper hand over Stalin in terms of leadership and intellect, however in the end Stalin replaced Lenin as the leader of the USSR. This was not only due to Stalin’s strengths and politically cunning mind but also due to Trotsky’s own mistakes and Stalin’s use of circumstances to his advantage. It can be said that it seemed unlikely for Stalin to succeed Lenin as he was considered dull and humourless by other communists. In terms of leadership qualities, he was not an intellectual and was not an inspiring speaker. Whilst, Trotsky, on the other hand, was the only leading communist who could rival Lenin as a speaker and writer of Communist ideas. Trotsky was a great organiser and a great example of this was the way he organised the Red Army which allowed them to win the Russian Civil War. According to Lenin’s will, Trotsky appeared to the natural successor while Stalin was described as power hungry and should not be put into power. Yet Stalin was the General Secretary of the Bolshevik Part y which allowed him to undermine Trotsky’s support and gain more support for himself. He expelled the younger, wilder and more radical elements more likely to support Trotsky while he placed his supporter of powerful position which would allow him to win more votes in the Congress. Trotsky, on the other hand, was the leader of the Red Army and therefore had their support and of the younger party members, but the older communists did not support him and were worried about him becoming the leader as they were concerned that he would become a dictator especially with the support of the Red Army. They doubted his loyalty to the party as he did not join until November 1917. They thought that his
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