Stalin: Rise to Power Notes Essay

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Stalin: • War Communism o Win The war o Create communist-society o Fails: 6 million people dying due to starvation • Export revolution o Fails o NEP ( New economic policy) o Private property o Money o Allow capitalism o ONE STEP BACK o Resolution on Party Unity (1921) • Ban on factions • Debate then discipline • Lenin is dead 1924 • Stalin o He dosent argue political theory like Bukharin and Trostky o Socialism in one country • Reality • Lead to “siege mentality” • Under constant threat • Not ideological Democratic Nationalism Lenin wanted a vanguard of proletariat Appointed general secretary f the party Politburo Orguburo Lenins enrolment • Doubles membership communist party , increase bureaucracy Main Reasons for Stalins rise to power: (1924-20) • Structural powers • Weakness of opponents (Trotsky) • Policies • Luck • Personal characteristics and political skills Revolution failed, western didn’t go communist Phase to rise to power: • Phase 1: isolayte trostky • 2: Left oppennts • phase 3: right opposition Collectivization • O. FIges “A New type of social revolution… A revolution from above…” • “ A great turning point in soviet History… Destroyed a way of Life” 5-year Plan: • “… 1st Five Year Plan Represented a decleration of war, By the state machine against the worers and peasantds of the USSR , who were subjected to greater , Exploitation • 1st five year plan: o create the production for the means of productions o state control of resrouces and labor o Agricultural will finance the shift o Disciplined proletariat o Self defense o build infrastructure: • manufacturing olans ( iron/ steal / • “production of the means of production” 1927 • 15th party congress • stalin “ Great Turn” o Shift to rapid industrialization

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