Stalin Article

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The year is 1950 and life under Joseph Stalin has been harsh. I have lived through the good, the bad, and the ugly. His totalitarian ways have gone on for too long. His control of every aspect of the citizens’ life has brought the Soviet Union to a dark place. This article has one single job to carry out: REVEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT JOSEPH STALIN. The Soviet government has done a very good job manipulating the citizens of Russia to get their ways. The Soviet government wants people to believe that Stalin created a serious of “brilliant” five-year plans. The plans were set to obtain: iron, coal, steel, oil, electricity, defense, and consumer goods. Another thing that the government has been sneaky about is the Communist Party. The government has people believing that no one receives special benefits in the Soviet Union, and all citizens share the same rights. Arts are another aspect of Soviet Life that the government has tried to manipulate. The government has used art to form propaganda; biased information used to persuade citizens into thinking or doing something. Stalin wanted to train artists to portray socialist ideas so that their works reached the working class. In 1936 the Soviet Constitution promised freedom of religion expression for all faiths. The Communist Party shocked the public with truths of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Communist Party accused the church of misguiding and leading peasants and working class into believing they had a lower roll in society. Lastly, the Soviet government has told citizens that modern houses were made so that no citizen lived without a house. Magnitogorsk in the Ural Mountains is an example of a new industrial city created under Stalin. Through hard research and personal discovery, I have uncovered many secrets about the Soviet Union under Stalin’s rule.
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