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Unit 1 Task 2 Stakeholder 1 – Employees How do they influence the purpose of innocent? Employees are internal stakeholder to the organisation. They contribute labour and expertise to innocent. Employees must have sufficient knowledge of the job they have been given to do because this will have an affect on their performance of service they provide and therefore have an affect on the company. Employers must look after their employees and make sure they are happy with what they have been assigned to do because if they are not happy in what they are doing they would not be efficient in doing it or won’t completely do it. Stakeholder 2 – Owners How do they influence the purpose of innocent? Owners of the business are the main stakeholder. The owners risk their own funds when they invest in a business and may be rewarded in certain ways. The owners are the shareholders. The profit that Innocent makes, from that profit all the bills are paid and that money that is left over is then shared out between the shareholders in return of their invest. If the company was not making any profit then the shareholders will just leave and go work elsewhere and Innocent would fall into a loss. Stakeholder 3 – Suppliers How do they influence the purpose of innocent? Suppliers are external to Innocent. Suppliers have a huge on effect on Innocent as no supply means there won’t be further production meaning possible closure of the company. Innocent get their supply of fruit\vegetables which innocent finalize into finished products. The suppliers are also influenced by Innocent because they have to sell their products to innocent. Stakeholder 1 - Employers How do they influence the purpose of Prince’s Trust? The employees influence Prince’s Trust when they work with it to provide a better service for the customers. The employees work

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