Stakeholder Support for Innovative Ideas Essay

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As I think on the things I would like to achieve in the next couple of months I can’t help but to think on two things. The first on being opening up a food pantry within the church I attend and the second being to relocate to jobs outside of Ohio the state I grew up in. When it comes to opening a food pantry within the church the stakeholders that I would need the approval from would first be God himself, I want to make sure this is what he has in store for me. The next big stakeholder would be the pastor of the church, I need the pastor on board to see my vision and what I could bring to the church, I also need to make sure I’m in line with what the pastor wants for the church. Sometimes it’s hard to get sell people on you vision because of the fact there could be jealousy or just flat out hatred because of the person you are. Last but certainly not least would be the congregation and community; both play a major part in this pantry because they are the ones who are contributing food and other necessities as well may be the ones who may need the services that will be offered. When it comes to the congregation, I would want them to have a place near that understands what you are going though and not just seeing you as another person begging or less than because you hit a point in your life where you need help. When it comes to relocating, I believe the biggest stakeholder would be my future employer. I need to be able to find a job so that I may take care of my basic needs and survive in a new place. My next stakeholder would be my daughter; although she doesn’t mind the change it would still affect her to a certain degree because of her relationship with her father’s side of the family and her friends. I believe my family would be against it because of the fact that they wouldn’t be able to see me and spend some quality time. I think the support of my church

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