Stakeholder Engament Essay

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Stakeholder Engagement Transparency, Integrity and Timeliness At Samsung Electronics, the basic principles of communication call for paying attention to the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders and conveying information on our activities in a swift and transparent manner. About Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics communicates with the eight major stakeholder groups using diverse channels. In 2010, we saw an increase in requests for third party inspection of business sites in addition to requests for surveys and interviews. The requests were handled jointly by the CSR Liaison Office and related departments at the pertinent business sites. We continue to make improvements to resolve overtime work and other problems indicated through onsite inspections. • Verification of Gumi (Korea) and Haizhou (China) plants of the Mobile Communications Business: three telecom clients from France, Italy and Germany; International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) • Verification of Onyang plant of the Semiconductor Business: IBM Stakeholder Communication and Major Issues Stakeholder Customers Communication activities • ustomer satisfaction surveys by outside agencies, prosumer C initiatives, response to CSR inquiries • amily Satisfaction Index, onsite interview, collaboration F meetings, exchange meetings, best practice workshops • One on One Meeting Major issues in 2010 • Timely launch of new products, enhanced product safety • ncreased CSR support for partner companies, ban on conflict minerals from I Africa • Ensuring stable supply, rational pricing decisions • Mutual growth programs • Pursuit of new growth businesses • Risk management • Ban on conflict minerals from Africa • Employee health and safety • Work-life balance, creative organizational culture • Worker diversity • Social contribution activities • Partnership with local communities •

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