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Stages of Critical Thinking Holly Regan HUM/111 4/28/2013 Theodosia Lovett Part A It was not very easy to self-assess and place myself in a current stage of critical- thinking development, unknowing whether all beginners happen to be Unreflective Thinkers or can they really be placed in any appropriate category. I am kind of undecided as to whether I am an Unreflective thinker or a Challenged Thinker, and the reason that I am undecided is because I feel I fit into the Unreflective thinker category in description of “how to move to the next stage”, but not in the description of “obstacles to moving to the next stage”. In short, since we are required to choose, I believe I am more of a Challenged Thinker. The reason I have placed myself in this category is because I believe that I have the traits of self-deception leading me to dismiss or avoid facing the need to change my thinking. I am assuming since you are able to progress and regress in your critical thinking skills, than you must be able to lie somewhere in the middle of two separate stages as well. Part B I am still beginning to learn how my poor thinking skills have taken me down some dark roads. These types of trips are more than the average “learn from your mistakes” scenario. You shouldn’t keep repeating past mistakes over and over hoping for a different result each time. I had believed that out of the choices set before me, I had chosen the better of them. I now have a small understanding of the reasons why I think a certain way when stuck in a certain mind set. To me, critical thinking is the practice of using a number of different advanced thinking skills in a variety of complex ways. Critical thinking focuses on thought: it looks at how facts are proven, not just how they may be. Critical thinking also involves reflecting on questioning and

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