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Stages of Life Essay

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  • on May 30, 2008
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The Stages of My Life

  Eric Erikson identified eight stages of Psychosocial Development. Below are my memories of each stage that I can recall.   I have not commented on stages one and two, as my memory seems to elude me in regards to them.   Stage one is titled “Oral-Sensory” and covers birth to one year.   Stage two is titled “Muscular-Anal” and covers ages one to two years old. I have also omitted stages seven and eight, since I have not reached those stages yet.

Stage Three:   Locomotor
Age: Early Childhood – 2 to 6 years

  During this stage of my life is where I can start to recall memories.   I remember playing a lot and for the life of me, that seems like all I did.   I would play outside all day no matter what the weather.   It could be freezing cold but it would take the stern voice of either my mother or grandmother to force me into the house.   I can relate to Erikson’s theory of identifying with Hero’s because I would play with little plastic Army men, and sometimes Cowboys and Indians, for hours at a time.   I can recall that juice and candy appeared to be the “gold” of at least my world.   This period is also where I start to remember punishment as well.   I can remember my grandmother’s paddle and numerous timeouts from my busy play day.

Stage Four: Latency
Age:   Elementary and Middle School Years – 6 to 12 years

  The most important event at this stage was definitely starting school.   I can still somewhat remember the upset feelings felt during that first day of school.   I can remember not wanting my mother to leave me and can still conjure up memories of feeling abandoned during those first days.   This stage is where I discovered that other adults are not as forgiving as my own parents are.   Also at this stage is where I started to find out how long my leash really was.   I had to learn the hard way that certain actions were not socially acceptable, like not obeying the rules and fighting with other kids.   This is also when I learned that...

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