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Name Professor Institution Course Date Dear stakeholders , Our ongoing project of hospital which need staff , faculty , facilities and its effect on community. The hospital staff is 200 physicians who run the medical requirements of the patients on a day-to-day basis. Other than the professional team, the hospital in general employs 1200 people who are both skilled and unskilled. In addition, there are around 270 volunteers whose assist in the running of facilities (Adams, 2012). With such a large a. of employees in the hospital, it is certain that a number of glitches that may hinder the personnel from achieving their full potential arise. This is in terms of the relationships between various practitioners in the hospital. In the hospital, one of the issues that affect the entire facility is coordination of the employees to a maximum. Due to the high number of employees, it is rather difficult to locate the various members of staff in time for the various medical activities they are bound to carry out. The directors of a particular faculty find it rather stressful organizing the staff in an effort to accomplish the various set goals of the institution. An example is in the case of perioperative services. This faculty has had various issues in terms of the coordination of activities. However, in this situation, the issue is rather the fact that the director was always in time prior to the operation under review and this made the staff in the particular faculty displeased. This led to the development of cold feelings towards the director a factor that saw the early retirement of the director. As of this moment, the faculty is advertising for the post of director of the various services. One of the challenges that the institution has as an entity is competition. Despite

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