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Bhavik Patel Amanda Ruiz American Literature 8 November 2010 Becoming a successful college student “Hari, Alok and Ryan argues with Professor Viru Sahastrabudhhe (ViruS) about their grades and the colleges grading system and Alok threatens to suicide. Alok climbs the window and breaks the window with his hand and jumps from the two story building (p. 113).” This quotation comes from the he novel, Three Point Someone and explains that how important is college for Alok that he decides to die rather than live for just failing college. Alok’s death is an example of how becoming a better college student is important in the life of all the people. Becoming a successful college student means being successful as college as college student. Becoming a better college student is developing study skills, choosing appropriate college classes and getting good grades. Learning and using study skills is a very difficult process. According to Dr. Bob Kziki, “Distractions in the classroom are deadly. To help avoid distraction, sit near the front of the class. You’re less likely to miss something important.” (Effective study skills). Here we see that distractions are deadly in the class room and avoiding them will help you strengthen your study skills sitting in the front of your class helps and you don’t have to miss anything important. In the words of Dr. Bob Kziki “Everyone is different, and for some students, studying and being motivated to learn comes naturally.” (Effective study skills).This quote from Dr. Kziki shows us that everyone is not the same with studying and motivation to study and paying attention should really help out students with their study skills. If you focus on avoiding distraction, motivation for learning and paying attention in your class it will be difficult process for studying. Choosing the right classes at the right time really can effect how

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