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St. Paul's Cathedral Essay

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  • on December 5, 2012
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I chose St. Paul’s Cathedral located in London, England as my topic because it is a famous Catholic church.   I am a Christian and Catholicism is a branch of Christianity which is why I chose to pick a piece that had religious significance to me.   St. Paul’s Cathedral is considered to be a great contribution to European Catholics and even Catholics from around the world.   St. Paul’s Cathedral by Christopher Wren is a Western Humanities architectural masterpiece.  
People may argue that there may be other buildings in London that can be considered Western Humanities masterpieces, however St. Paul’s Cathedral is the most beautiful and significant.   The other famous buildings in London are the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.   I am not saying that these buildings are not significant or beautiful, however St. Paul’s Cathedral is a place of worship whereas Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London were not.  
Both the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London were used to house royalty.   Something that is interesting is that the Tower of London is that it held prisoners that were considered high class citizens in London.   It also held prisoners from World War One and World War Two.   The Buckingham Palace is solely known for housing royalty and holding extravagant events such as weddings.   The Tower of London is known for housing royalty and prisoners.   This alone further proves why St. Paul’s Cathedral holds more importance.   It is a peaceful place where people can come to worship and join together as a group to see all of its beauty and history.  
The style of St. Paul’s Cathedral by Christopher Wren is to be considered as Baroque.   According to The Western Humanities Volume Two, Baroque style is “the prevailing seventeenth-century artistic and cultural style, characterized by an emphasis on grandeur, opulence, expansiveness, and complexity (Matthews-G2).”   The Baroque style of architecture was started in Italy during the late sixteenth century.   It is...

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