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St Jude Research Essay

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In 1972, Sandra Owen, a tiny four year old girl, was diagnosed with the horrible, life threatening disease of Leukemia. Her parents took her to a hospital that provided hope for cases like this, Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Sandra had a difficult journey full of the pain from her illness, constant chemotherapy treatments, and questions from her curious peers. Owen states in Marilyn Sadler’s article, “Success Stories,” “I was taking dance lessons at the time… I had lost all my hair and one shocked little girl said, ‘What happened to your hair?’ My teacher wondered how I would handle that. I just told her about leukemia — I knew how to pronounce it but not how serious it was. And everybody was fine with my answer, and we went on to have our Kool-Aid and cookies.” Another victim of Leukemia, Dwight Tosh, was the seventeenth patient admitted into Saint Jude Research Hospital. He was only thirteen years old when the illness suddenly struck and caused a fever of 105. Doctors had told his parents to prepare for the worst because he was not expected to survive. He tells Sadler that he remembers his mother’s sacrifice more than his own suffering, “She was a strong woman and she never let me see her fear. If she had, I might have given up” (Sadler).
Sandra and Dwight are just two of the many children who have had Leukemia interrupt their care-free childhoods. Children with this disease are subject to a life spent in hospitals and worried parents. Most Baylor students have not had to face these hardships, but I believe they should take to heart the Saint Jude campaign motto: “give thanks for the healthy children in your life and give to those who are not.”
According to Dr. David C. Dugdale in his article, “Causes, Incidence and Risk Factors,” cancer is “the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.” Cancer cells, also called Malignant cells, grow out of normal cells in the body. When this happens, cells begin to multiply too quickly or do not die, like...

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