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St. Joseph's College (Autonomous) Nationally Re- Accredited with A+ Grade Tiruchirappalli - 620 002. Tamilnadu, India. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION - UG (SHIFT-I) 2012-2013 Application Number : Disposal: Principal Commerce 11 Economics 12 English Lit 13 History 14 Tamil Lit 15 Chemistry 21 Computer Science 22 Mathematics 23 Physics 24 Botany 25 Statistics 26 Choose the correct item from those given to each question. Enter the CODE NUMBER of the item in the order of preference in the boxes provided 01. Course Applied For : BA/BCOM/BSC _______________ 1 2 02. Name (CAPITAL LETTERS) (as in the School certificate) 03. Date of Birth 04. Place and District of Birth State: 05. Nationality 06. Mother Tongue 07. Sex: 1.Male 2. Female 08. Nature of the Place of Living: 1. Village 2.Town 3.City 09. Religion: 1.Christian 2. Hindu 3.Muslim 4.Others(Specify) 10. If Christian: 1.Catholic 2.Non-Catholic 11. If Catholic Christian: 1.Dalit 2.Non-Dalit 12. Community: 1.SC 2.ST 3.MBC 4.DNC 5.BC 6.OC ATTESTATION BY PARISH PRIEST (Compulsory for Catholic Students) This is to certify that the applicant______________________________________________________ belongs to my parish and the applicant is a Catholic. The applicant is a Dalit/Non-Dalit. Seal Name and Signature of the Parish Priest 13. Particulars of Parents Father Mother Others Name No. Of Brothers Educational Qualification No. Of Sisters Occupation Order of your Birth Annual Income(Rs/-) Highest Qualification among Brothers & Sisters: 14. Physically Handicapped? 1.Yes 2.No (if yes attach the copy of the certificate) 1.Yes 2.No 15. Are you a Son/daughter of an Ex-Serviceman? 16. Member of any Service Organization 1.NSS 2.NCC 3.Any Other 17. Co-Curricular Activities

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