St. Ignatius Of Loyola's Personal Writings Essay

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The collection of writings by St. Ignatius of Loyola (c. 1491- 1556), Personal Writings, contains an autobiography of the life of Ignatius, his spiritual diary, letters that Ignatius wrote to various acquaintances, and his famous Spiritual Exercises. For the purpose of this essay, I will only be writing about his autobiography since the rest of the books does not appear to be relative to the essay prompt. Ignatius was the youngest of thirteen children and was born in the Basque city of Loyola (his last name is in reference to the city of his birth and the city in which he later became a page for one of his relatives that was a treasurer). As Ignatius grew in age he slowly became “a man given up to the vanities of the world... [with a] vain desire to gain honour” (Loyola, 13). At the age of eighteen, Ignatius became a soldier for the Duke of Nájera in which he showed a great zeal for leading his fellow knights, “he gave so many arguments to the commandant that even them he persuaded him to make a defence, though against the opinion of all the knights” (13). After eight years of being free from injury as a knight for the Duke of Nájera, Ignatius was hit by a cannon ball that completely shattered his leg leaving him in critical condition. Soon after, Ignatius was told to be on his way to his deathbed but had a miraculous recovery that was said to had come from his devotion to Saint Peter. In the time of healing/recovery after being out of the danger of death, Ignatius spent time reading from the Life of Christ and the Lives of the Saints. Through his miraculous recovery and his meditations on Christian writings he had a conversion of heart and became fired with an ambition to do nothing else but to Imitate Christ, do penance for his past life, and live a life of self-denying labor. The lives of the saints that he was reading about became so instrumental to

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