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MINTS INTERNATIONAL SEMINARY A SURVEY OF EARLY CHURCH HISTORY PART I, AD 100-600 St. Aurelius Augustine of Hippo AUTHOR JOSTER MACHILINGA JUMBE MENTOR REV. ALLEN VANDER POL DATE 20 JULY 2013 HHK MISSION P.O BOX 626, ZOMBA, MALAWI CENTRAL AFRICA PHONES: +265999159894, +265111955167 E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1. St. Augustine OF HIPPO a. His birth place and parents b. His youth 2. St. Augustine’s sinful life a. His adulterous life b. His rejection of Christian faith 3. St. Augustine’s conversion a. His movement to Milan b. His movement back to Africa 4. PELAGIUS AND ST. AUGUSTINE a. Pelagius’ teachings about man b. St. Augustine’s teachings about man 5. St. Augustine’s controversy AGAINST the Donatists a. Causes of the controversy b. Donatists’ views on the Catholic Church c. Augustine’s views on the Donatists d. Similarities between the Catholic Church and Donatists e. Augustine’s actions regarding to Donatists f. Government’s actions regarding to Donatists CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION This paper presents the life of Augustine, one of the greatest church fathers in the history of the church. It looks at the place of his birth and his youth. It exposes Augustine’s old life of adultery and theft. It shows how he rejected the Christian faith in his youth. It portrays Augustine’s later conversion, which took place in Milan, and his decision to go back to North Africa, his home. It further narrates Augustine’s controversy with the Donatists and his opinion of them. Finally, it explains the Donatists’ position on the Catholic Church. 1. ST. AUGUSTINE OF HIPPO Aurelius Augustine is believed to be the greatest church father in the history of the church. “Both Protestantism and Roman Catholicism pay tribute to the contribution of Augustine to the cause of

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