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St Augustine Essay

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2/29/2012   Ms. Yaklic

St Augustine was born in 354 Rome To Father Patricius, who was a Pagan and Mother Monica who was   a Christian. As a youth he lived a wild lifestyle for a time, association with yon men who boasted of there exploits with woman and urged the experienced boys like Augustine to seek out there experiences o to make up stories about experiences in oder to gain acceptance and avoid ridicule.Augustine received a Christian education. His mother had him sighed with the cross and enrolled among th catechizes. Once when very ill, he asked for a baptism but, all danger being soon passes he deferred receiving   the sacrament thus yielding to a deplorable custom of the times Augustine is conspired an influential figure in the history of education . He introduced the theory of three different categories of students and instructed teachers to adapt their teaching styles to each students individual learning style. The three different kinda of teaching are; the student who has been well-educated by knowledgeable teacher; the students who has had no education; and the student who has had a poor education During the years of 73 and 374, Augustine taught grammar at Thagaste. The following year he moved to Carthage to conduct a school of rhetoric, and would remain there for the next nine yearsafter being disgusted by the students at Carthage he left the school at 383 to start a school in Rome where he believed the best a brightest rhetoricians practiced.At the age of thirty, he had on th visible academic position in the Latin world-at a time when such posts gave ready access to political   careers. During this period, although Augustine showed some fervor for Michaelmas, he was never an initial or 'elect' but remained an “auditor”, the lowest level in th secs hierarchy Augustine life changed while still at Carthage, he had begun to move away from Manifesto n part because of a disappointing meeting with the Manichean Bishop, Faustus of Mil eve, a key exponent of...

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