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St. Augustie Essay

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  • on April 26, 2011
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Shawnte Holmes
January 10, 2011
Eng 302
Dr. Horowitz

St. Augustine

St. Augustine was one of the greatest humanitarians in history.   He had a great influenced
In the subject of theology. He played a major part in the history of Christian thought.   Catholics
and Protestants all believe that he was the greatest of the Fathers.   His cotemporaries also
expressed this opinion.   St. Augustine was given the exceptional authority by the popes.   As a
result this began many theologian controversies.   “Peter the Vulnerable, assigns him the first
place among the Doctors, nor does he simply call him the incomparable Augustine," but "the
Eagle of Doctors," "the Doctor of Doctors." "(newadvent.com)
St. Augustine's theories helped explain revelations and gave clarity on new views. His
teachings inspire all Christian Doctor of the Church. St. Augustine’s conflict with a with
Donatism lasted for twenty years.   During so he led an exposition of the dogmas of the Church.
St. Augustine’s conflict with Manichaeanism led him to question the Divine Being and of the
nature of evil.   St. Augustine also was called the Doctor of Good, or of good principles off all
things.   St. Augustine is also known as the Doctor of Charity based on his intelligence and the
sensible, supernatural, and divine imprint left upon his academic theory. (newadvent.com)  
St. Augustine’s conflict with Palagianism controversies led him to the "stages of divine
grace “operating grace"(gratia operans) and "co-operating grace" (gratia cooperans)". It was St.
Augustine's job to write against the heresies of the period, in doing so he defined the shape of
Orthodox doctrine. (www.newadvent.com)

Born, Aurelius Augustinus on November 13, 354.   Augustine was born at Tagaste.  
During this time, the city of Tagaste recently converted to Donatism. (www.ewtn.com)  
Donatists were an unorthodox group of rigorist Christians.   They claimed to be the only faithful
and pure...

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