Sr-Rm-022 Riordan Manufacturing Essay

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SR-rm-022 Riordan Manufacturing Cynthia Whitelow BSA/375 Fundamentals of Business System Development Kathleen Healy-Collier June 30, 2015 SR-rm-022 Riordan Manufacturing Human Resource is a vital part of the Riordan Manufacturing Company. With improvement to the existing HR information system, Riordan will have the opportunity to improve in many aspects of the company. Riordan Manufacturing’s COO Hugh McCauley has requested that the company integrate the existing HR tools into a single integrated application which will give the HR department the ability to utilize the sophisticated, state-of-the-art information system (Virtual Organization, n.d.). This paper will identify the key stakeholders, identify different information-gathering techniques, identify key factors that will ensure successful gathering of information and explain the scope of the project and why it is important to the project’s success. Key Stakeholders In order to determine what requirements are needed for the project it is important to identify the key stakeholders. The stakeholders are important to the decision making process. Riordan Manufacturing has many stakeholders who will be involved in the implementation of the project. Key stakeholders include CEO Dr. Michael Riordan who is concerned with the overall performance of the company. COO Hugh McCauley’s focus is to direct, administer and coordinate activities of the organization in support of policies, goals and objectives which are established by the CEO and Board of Directors. The Director of HR, Yvonne McMillan is vital to the design and implementation of the project. She is responsible for developing policies as well and directs HR activities with regard to employment and employee services, compensation, labor relations, benefits and training. The Director of Account and Finance Donald Bryson will be a key stakeholder because

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