Squiggling Game Essay

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The most interesting moment in this lesson was the interactive activity which called “Squiggling Game”. This game was totally strange for me because I had never communicated with other through drawing before. After my partner drew a twisted or wriggly line spontaneously on a piece of paper, I added elements to the drawing. When I was spontaneously drawing some elements on a paper, I was surprised that drawing was a form of communication and my drawings seemed to be a response to that communication. I found myself became more expressive and responsive while I was taking part in this interactive activity. I had an opportunity to express my internal ideas and personality which seldom presented to other in a verbal communication during the drawing game. I felt released and free to communicate in drawing owing to the fact that I could freely add elements what I want and express my internal idea based on the feeling at that time. During the process, I realize that we shouldn’t prejudge or label other by appearance because prejudice is a baseless and negative attitude toward someone. If we judge and label someone by appearance, we probably can’t learn special characteristics about someone because we don’t know about their belief and personality in appearance. Some people just hide their emotion and seldom express themselves by a verbal communication. Therefore, the “Squiggling game” is a good form of communication to allow us to know someone without judgment more. 250 words Additional material: Gordon Allport Prejudice jeopardizes to learn special characteristics about someone. As a result, we should find different ways to reduce prejudice. According to psychologist, Gordon Allport, training people to become more empathetic to someone is one method that has shown considerable success. By imaging
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