Squealer in Animal Farm

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The character Squealer in ‘Animal Farm’ is generally regarded as being the most intelligent animal in the novel. This is because of the way Orwell has presented him, representative of the propaganda, Squealer uses rhetorical devices, typical of the media. He uses confusing vocabulary, impenetrable statistics, and limits the terms of any debate. He uses emotive words, like "freedom" (from Jones) and "justice" (against Snowball) to persuade the animals and often confuse them too. As Squealer represents the propaganda, he uses trickery, and deception to persuade everyone. Squealer's intelligence and unwavering loyalty to "comrade" Napoleon makes him the ideal go-between for any tyranny. Throughout the book, Squealer acts as a spokesman for Napoleon, justifying his actions and policies. He succeeds because of the animals’ obliviousness as he slowly twists the truth. Even the name Squealer suggests than he is a ‘tattle-tale’. If you are ‘a squealer’ you run and tell what everyone else has done wrong to someone in authority to get him or her in trouble. This is clearly all he is to the other main pig Napoleon. Napoleon uses him to find out all that is going-on, on the farm and uses Squealer as the go-between, getting him to tell the animals to do what Napoleon wants or face the consequences. The name also suits him as a pigs primary mode of noise is squealing. Squealer is the ideal person to do this because he is presented to be able to “turn black into white”. This is shown when he makes the animals “stupefied” as seen in the extract as the animals all trust him and as the animals are all confused they turn to Squealer to show them but then he just makes them believe the complete opposite to the truth. This shows him to be both cunning and clever because he knows that to get the animals to believe what he wants all he has to do is confuse them and they will
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