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Topic1 1. (1) Definition of service (2)Four major services attributes: Intangibility, inseparability/simultaneity, perishability, heterogeneity. What could be the management implications?For example, we know that if service is intangible, can you give me some recommendation for mangement, how they can deal with this intangibilty. You have to make service more tangible, tangiblizing the intangible. Inseparability: if we know that one of the service nature is inserparability, that means the consumer and producer have to be there at the same time and create the opportunity for the personnel to market your service, what the management can do about this, to do more marketing, to sell more of your service, about training, how can we make sure that we do things right at the first time because is inseparable. Heterogeneity: the service can be vary, everytime you go the same McDonald, you may receive different treatment, even the same waitress/waiter, so how to solve this heterogeneity problem, what is the suggestion to management. Perishability: service cannot be stored, and there will have suddently huge demand, suddenly have no demand, we have to match the demand and supply , in case there is no demand, what the mangement can do( ie. give discount to student, attract them to come, to upgrade some VIPs to the luxury room because we have a lot of vacant rooms. In case we have huge demand of peak season, what could the managemnt do, so you have to understand the service chacracteristics and propose some ideas what the mangement can do to deal with these very complicated service nature. 2. Service Package: What forms the service package, what is the meaning of Explicit Service& Implicit Service, what forms the service experience. If giving a case study, you have to identify what are the service experience of the customer based on this service package model, you
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