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Sql Work Essay

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CIS 1513 Section 6 week5 Hmwk

Section 6 Normalization Homework

Vocabulary – find the correct vocabulary word from Section 6 lessons
1 foreign key | What does a UID become in a table |
2. simple UID | A UID that is a single attribute |
3.composite UID | A UID that is a combination of attributes |
4. Artificial UID | A UID that does not occur in the natural world but is created for identification purposes in a system |
5. UID of account | Sometimes the UID is a combination of an attribute and a relationship. |
6. primary UID | A candidate UID is another attribute that can be used for a primary key. |
7. Entity attribute value | When all the attributes in an entity are single- valued, that entity is said to be in: |
| This means that all attributes that are not part of the entity’s UID should be dependent on the whole UID. |
transitive dependency | ___________exists when any attribute in an entity is dependent on another non-UID attribute. |

1. Match the type of Unique identifier to the entity.
a. a. Simple UID
b. b. Composite UID
c. c. Composite UID comprising an attribute and a relationship
d. d. Primary Key & Candidate Key

__b___ __d___ ___d__ __c___ __a__

1.Shelf size doesn’t need to be there.

2.#fname, #Lname.

Identify the transitive dependency in the
model below. State which attributes violate Third Normal Form.

Model????? What #STORE_ID

*Store Speciality


model? Not specified.

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