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Spumoni I wait in anticipation for the waitor to bring out my dessert. When it arrives, my eyes light up with excitement at its perfection. It is delivered in a small silver bowl. Along the edge of the bowl are little raised bumps making its contents look even more elegant. Inside of the bowl is the most beautiful thing someone could lay their eyes on. Scooped into a perfect circle, with all three of its colors majestically swirled together, is pure bliss. The first is light green resembling mint in color, but better than mint, it is pistachio. Next a gorgeous brown which is chocolate. Finally the pink, a pink similar to the color ballerinas typically wear, cherry. All of these wonderful flavors combined make the most scrumptious ice cream there is, spumoni. The only thing better than looking at this truly amazing masterpiece is tasting it. I pick up my spoon ready to dig in, but first smell it so I can truly savor it. The glorious smell of it rushes through my head and I am unable to resist any longer. I slowly place the ice cream in my mouth feeling it on my lips first. It is a cool and refreshing feeling that makes my lips tingle with joy. At last I finally taste it in my mouth. Nothing compares to this overwhelming feeling of happiness, far better than any drug. The flavors all dance around on my tongue and I am able to enjoy and appreciate each one for its uniqueness. With each bite I grow more and more fulfilled. At last I finish it, I can’t think of any feeling more satisfying than

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