Sprite's Argument Essay: Image Is Everything

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"Cocaine isn't everything" written by: Drew Cool clubs are for cool people on cool drugs listening to cool music with their cool friends. Peer pressure and how we appear in society means something to everyone somehow, all everyone wants to do is fit in and with a lot of people trying to be the coolest then doing things the cool people do will help them on their travels. And what I hear you ask do the cool people do? Cocaine. Just as Sprite's advertising campaign claimed, "image is everything" in modern society. Image is perception is acceptance, if someone perceives your image in a way which is acceptable to them then they will either have that image already created of themselves or create that image for themselves through imitation. We look to at our…show more content…
Doesn't look like a gram, how big is a gram supposed to look anyway? I'll save it till the weekend you think, but I suppose this is the noughties and if even the decades name is naughty then the definition of weekend could definitely be altered surely? Thursday evening is as close to the weekend as you can get without really feeling guilty, so that must be a better time than any! Friday morning and the bag looks definitely different, I wonder if there's three quarters of a gram left now, but then again I don't even know if there was a gram to start with. If this becomes a regular thing perhaps I will have to get some scales. Oops did I say regular thing? It's as easy as that, many people world over are addicted to cocaine and because the price is dropping all the time, it's now available to anyone. A lot of people seem to progress to coke as though it's a natural thing to do after the pills wear off, perhaps not totally realizing the addiction potential. If they can afford to pay for the coke they use then it might not be seen as a

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