Sprint vs. at&T Essay

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Which is the Better Cell Phone Company Sprint or AT&T Comparison Nadira Ahmad English Composition II April 23, 2012 Thesis: Which is the better cell phone company carrier for service, price and coverage Sprint or AT&T. I. Introduction II. Sprints plans, coverage and phones III. AT&T’s plans, coverage and phones IV. Similarities of phone company carriers V. Conclusion Which is the Better Cell Phone Company Sprint or AT&T When searching for cell phone companies there are several things that should be taken into consideration. One of the most important things for me would be the price. What if any additional service does the cell company offer for instance data, texting, and calling etc.? What would be the cost of these additional services? What would be the cost of the plan in general? I would more than likely prefer a plan that offers unlimited everything data, calls and text. The Ideal phone for me would be the iPhone. In addition the price of the phone and the length of the contract attached to the phone are also things to take into consideration. What kind of range does the coverage area provide? I will attempt to compare and decipher which cell phone company offers the best options for what I am looking for. Based on information provided by sprint.com, they offer an unlimited plan for the iPhone. The plan for the IPhone starts at $99.00 the “unlimited” plan requires a two year commitment and includes unlimited messaging via text, picture and video for domestic messages sent or received. SMS voice messages may incur an additional data charge of $0.03/KB. Text to 3rd parties to participate in promos or other may result in additional charges. The talk option also has restrictions like when directly dialing/receiving standard voice calls between domestic wireless numbers as determined when the call is placed. You are only aloud to

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