"Springtime in Crisis Time" and "Property Developers Should Save Themselves.”

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Topic: Write a report that compares and contrasts the main and supporting ideas of “Springtime In Crisis Time” and “Property Developers Should Save Themselves.” In my own view, the economic crisis is not a problem of one's own country or a people, but it is an issue of the whole world. Vietnam is also not exception. In all of two articles - "Springtime in crisis time" and "Property developers should save by Themselves", they always have one same thing which is the difficulties period of crisis; such as, the fashionable shops closed very early in Spring, or the buildings were built and cannot rent or sell. So, the similar point of two this articles is the physical constraints as well as the human spirit when they live in the period of crisis. However, it also has a few different points. Firstly, I would like to give some opinions for two articles. In “springtime in crisis time” I don’t see the author mentioned about Government’s solutions to solve the crisis issue or give the ways to prove the lives of the people. They must save and spare themselves to survive. But in “Property developers should save by themselves”, Dinh Dung said that Government issued resolution to help properties companies solve their difficulties. Secondly, I think “Property developers should save by themselves” gave a lot of details. For example, 2000 empty apartments are finding for buyers. Or, "from now until March will be eligible for a six-month value-added tax payment extension". However, in "Springtime in crisis time", author does not give the clear data. She only shows the difficult situations of human. She did not say how many there are beggars, how many children are in social evils. She just talks general. Now, I would like to talk about the macro and micro narrative. I think that the micro in all of two articles is the crisis. And, it can affect to micro. For example, it makes the

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