Springfield Nor Easters Case Study

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Marketing 520: Marketing Management Springfield Nor’easters Assignment 2 week By Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammed 1Ans: In order to maximize the revenues in the minor leagues, the Springfield Nor’easters, has research and thus formed some strategies that everyone should expose to the professional sporting events. At first Buckingham, the director of marketing wanted to know that how many people would come out to see Nor’easters and how much to charge them. He wants to identify the…show more content…
They come out with several observations such as one of its MD told Bucking ham that he derives his ticket revenue from a mix of season tickets group sales and individual tickets. They came out that there should be considering in promoting group ticket sales with special promotions to Little League teams, summer camp programs, family days out. There should be emphasized concession sales. And Buckingham realized that there might be subtle trade-offs between the pricing of tickets, the structuring of multiple-ticket packages and the revenue yield from…show more content…
But the surveys negative affect was if the pricing kept too low, there is a probability of a high no show rate because the fans have negative impact on game as they would have think they would have barely lost couple of bucks for game which is no big deal for limited means. More importantly, they have to trust survey results which is inconsistent and with that they would have bring good revenues from concessions. As a result of survey, Buckingham still could not recognize the breakeven was a reasonable objective and with the mixtures of anticipation and apprehension, he began to follow survey screens. More importantly if we examine only 5.2% of the 5,000 postcards were responded. Well I think there should be some beneficiary gifts for the people who buy tickets in groups for families and stuff like that which help in promoting the business. There are like 83% who did not attend the minor league, thus proper measures should be taken in order to create interest in people to watch sporting events because how can people will react to mailing postcards lists of four sports related organizations and from the Springfield census if they would attend nor now about the

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