Spring's Rebirth

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Spring is the rebirth of life. In the poem “in Just,” by E.E Cummings, talks about the celebration of nature as it cycles and the changes in seasons. Innocence and youth is important to every child, but at some point in time they have to leave it in order to soar and understand the world more. It is needed to move on in life. This poem is the transition of a child to an adult. The word spring is used many times in the poem, “in Just”. Spring is the renewal in life and a part of the cycle of nature. Not only does nature goes through a cycle, but we too go through a cycle in life changing constantly too. During the spring, a person come out to celebrate the disappearance of winter and greets the world from its long nap. In the poem, “spring when the world is mud-/luscious,” he is talking about the beginning of spring. During the spring, it rains allot. That is why it is muddy outside. The children described in this poem are running away from their childhood. The things the kid’s play like “marbles/and piracies,” or “from hop-scotch and jump-rope” shows there childhood innocents. They run towards the “goat-footed/ balloonMan” and leaves behind their toys. The goat-footed balloon man is an allusion to Pan, a half-goat, half-man (Satyrs) who are usually lascivious. He is someone who you would not want children to be near. The children want the balloons which are from the balloon man. Running away from innocence and coming towards something of an adult matter. Balloons in the story represent the human’s desire for elevation. There is no exact structure E.E. Cummings planned out. He does things his own way. There is a lack of punctuation and capitalization in the poem. The reason he does it is for everyone to understand. He skips spaces to set the mood of the poem. The names clumped together indicates the reader to read quickly voicing the children’s
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