Spring Field Essay

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Marketing 520: Marketing Management Springfield Nor’easters Assignment 2 week By Mushtaq Ahmed Mohammed 1Ans: In order to maximize the revenues in the minor leagues, the Springfield Nor’easters, has research and thus formed some strategies that everyone should expose to the professional sporting events. At first Buckingham, the director of marketing wanted to know that how many people would come out to see Nor’easters and how much to charge them. He wants to identify the teams’ potential audience in terms of demographics and social behavior. They believed that the team needs to quickly bring together twp desperate team audience in the Springfield Community. The first one is diehard fans who are tired of driving to Boston and second are families, the college students. He knows that, college populations were huge and rarely there was visible support for professional events because of high cost of tickets and lack of transportation. As a result of research most of marketing directors emphasized the need to price seats on par with the competitions like movies, bowling, etc. 2Ans: As they conducted detailed survey from his boss, team president and General Manager Bob Cortex and also he conducted detailed telephone interviews with his counterpart’s half dozen well established minor league teams around the northeastern U.S to better understanding business and strategic marketing. They come out with several observations such as one of its MD told Bucking ham that he derives his ticket revenue from a mix of season tickets group sales and individual tickets. They came out that there should be considering
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