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Spring Awakening- Thematic Melissa Adams Morris World Of Play Table of Content Abstract________________________________________________________pg. 3 Information Summary_____________________________________________ pg. 3 Era Of Enlightenment _____________________________________________pg. 4-5 Parent-Child Relationship __________________________________________pg. 6 Child Rearing Advice______________________________________________ pg.7-8 Compare and Contrast Relationship of Modern Parents and Children________________________________________ pg. 9 Closing Statement __________________________________________________ pg. 10 Work Cited Page____________________________________________________ pg.11 Abstract In this research I will analyze the time period of Spring Awakening, to better understand the logic and reasoning of the parenting skills. Not only will I present facts from Spring Awakening Era, but I will also compare it to American modernized parenting skills. I will also research the premarital sex rate and birth rate to better understand the trials and tribulations of Wendla. Information Summary In Spring Awakening the relationships between the parents and children seem to suffer a great deal. Every parent seem to have a huge problem when it comes to raising their children in a way that the children felt comfortable enough to shy away from hidden danger. All of the children suffer in a physical or mental way that leads to ruin. Wendla dies from hidden truths, Moritz kills himself from hidden and forbidden truths, Melchior uses the man in the mask as his parents instead of his own, and Martha parents abuses her in ways that make her feel enough anger to murder them. These parent- child relationships are problematic and combative. All of these children find fault in their

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