Spread Of Islam Dbq Analysis

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Spread of Islamic Civilization Throughout history, many different changes have occurred, and new subjects have come about. Of these innovative ideas, matters, and beliefs, some were more effective than others. This topic would be religion. Most of the world’s population follows the beliefs of Christianity, with over 2.3 billion followers. The second most common religion is Islam, with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims. Like any other religion, people didn’t just automatically convert to it, Islam, over time. It takes many actions to influence and change people and their beliefs over time. In, the growing Islam world, this is also exactly what happened. Islam grew into a large, extensive empire because of the location it was started in, the…show more content…
Islam provides a more logical and basic explanation for afterlife, as mentioned in Document 2, “Whosoever shall obey God and His Apostle, He shall bring him into the gardens of Paradise.” This is basically saying that if you follow all the rules from God and Muhammad, you shall live happily in eternal life. If not, you do not. Another reference was in Document 5 when it says, “Fight in the cause of God.” This helps me be able to infer that there is only a God, not a Messiah, or savior. This all goes back to Islam being a more basic religion because they believe that a God can’t die, like Jesus died for the Christians and their sins. In the writing of Document 6, the following quote is derived, “Wherever Christianity prevailed, no other religion could be followed without molestation. The Muslims on the other hand, required from others a simple guarantee of peace.” This means exactly what it says. The Christians grew stronger, but only the Muslims were able to stand against them, basically showing that it is the only ‘true’ religion. This influenced people to re-think if they really needed to be Christians, mentally changing them into becoming

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