Sprains And Strains

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Sprains and Strains There are many misconceptions about sprains and strains. They both seem alike, but the injuries are different from each other. The treatment is similar though. A sprain is an injury that affects ligaments in the body. A strain is an injury to the muscle to tendon in the body. They are also referring to as sport injuries. My purpose of writing this essay is to compare and contrast sprains and strains. The reason that I am writing this essay is to inform the reader on the difference, prevention, and treatment of a sprain or strain injury. Sprains Sprains can be a painful injury that can affect the ligament by being over stretched or torn. Ligaments connect your bones together. The ankle, knee, and wrist are the most common injury. The way a person gets a sprain is by the ligament getting stretched too far from their normal position. The purpose of having them is to keep your skeleton in its normal alignment. Also, your ligament prevents your bones from moving in the wrong direction, but if your ligaments over-stretched or torn this is referred to as a sprain. The symptoms of sprains are joint pain or muscle pain, swelling, joint stiffness, and bruising or discoloration. The way that someone can explain joint pain is the pain inside their joint and the pain is not in the muscle, or it is painful when the joint is moved. Muscle pain can be more like pain in the muscle around the joint. A build-up of fluid near the sprain is also known as swelling. Strains A muscle or tendon that becomes over-stretched and/or torn is called a strain. Also, some people call a strain a “pulled muscle”. This can be caused from an accident, improper use of a muscle or over use of a muscle. The main causes of a strain are excessive physical activity, and poor flexibility. The symptoms that when this injury happens are pain and difficulty moving the injured muscle,

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