Sports Sponsorship Activity 1 Essay

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Leonardo Garcia February 2, 2014 Professor Lorenda Prier Module 1- Activity In the context of the book, Sports Promotion And Sales Management by Richard Irwin, it is said that promotional mix consists of all means available to the sport organization for communicating with and persuading defined consumer groups. Given the wide range of activities available, it becomes necessary to appreciate and organize these disparate activities into a promotion mix. Now in the book the term, “moment of truth” came up where it is defined as a employee-customer interaction and it is speculated that during the course of a sporting event, one spectator may incur between 10 and 20 such moment of truths. Some examples of moment of truth include interactions with parking attendants, ticket sellers, ticket takers, ushers, souvenir program vendors, merchandise vendors, beverage vendors, food vendors, and etc. This relationship can sometimes be hard to establish since the staff are in the responsibilities of the arena management instead of the promoter. When we are talking about the promotional mix we are talking about the components accounting for the broad spectrum of sport promotion and sales tactics and how they operate interdependently to achieve the definition just provided which ingredients include advertising, publicity, personal contact, incentives, atmosphere, licensing, and sponsorship. The term “moment of truth” would be classified as personal contacts because it involves tailoring to target customer’s interest and needs in order to build goodwill or generate sales. A time where I experienced a moment of truth was when I attended a boxing event for the first time in Madison Square Garden, when going to purchase a beer from the concession stand not only was the beer overpriced, but the service was horrible having the bartender give me attitude

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