Sports Related Concussions

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Kinesiology Paper - Concussions\ In the world of Kinesiology and sports related science and injuries; concussions play a major role for athletes that are affected by them. According to the University of Texas at Arlington, sport-related concussions have become a major concern in the sports medicine community. An increasing body of research and media attention has led to an increased awareness for these injuries specifically in young athletes. The younger athletes have a greater chance of getting them because they are less prepared and less used to the injury then say a professional athlete. Concussion injuries are one of the hardest injuries to diagnose. They are this way because there is really nothing you can do about it; you just have…show more content…
The first concussion he suffered was when he was playing soccer at the local park and the goal fell on top of his head. The second was at one of his football games where the hit actually rendered him unconscious. In both of those incidents he was no older than 14, and just like I was saying before the younger kids have the g the greatest chance of being the most affected by them because they’re not used to those types of injuries. With new technology these days, concussions are easier to treat and diagnose but that does not stop them from happening. In football, sports medicine and scientists are working on new helmet designs that reduce the threat of a concussion while playing. They are refining and reshaping the design and adding different types padding inside also. The reason for this is because that frequent concussions have occurred all around the United States that are from sports; such as football. In 2013 the NFL issued a new rule called “Targeting”. The rule was put into place because big numbers of professional football players were sustaining injuries that happened from huge head-on and head to head collisions. The rule is: “No player shall target and initiate contact to the head of neck area of a defensive opponent”. That right there is another way to help eliminate potential concussion
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