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Abstract Developing and launching successful global sports enterprise is one of the primary objectives of a manager. The marketing enterprise has become complex, and it is hard for a manager who has no global marketing perspective as well as, understanding to launch a global product. This paper looks at some insights about the development and evolution of the Reebok core fitness sports enterprise. The paper will examine some of the imminent contingencies and the challenges that the product is likely to face during its launch as well as in its existence. In addition, the paper will examine some of the main internal and external contingencies as well as, how they influenced global launch of the Reebok core fitness product. Also, included in the research will be some of the sociological and psychological aspects that played a main role in its global launch. Contingency conceptual theory can be most useful especially in sports organizations when launching their marketing strategy. Introduction Sports marketing can be defined as the act of selling sports merchandises to sport oriented consumers (McDonald, 2011). Consumers of sports enterprises include people as well as, corporations. Reebok sports wears is one of the significant example of a sports enterprise. One of the significant aspects why contingency theory is mostly applicable in sports marketing is because sports are surrounded by uncontrolled changes. In sports, there are three principal contingencies external, internal contingency, and the strategic sports marketing exchange. Internal contingencies are defined as this inside strategy of the sports marketing that hinders the marketing of the sports products. Internal contingencies are believed to have a significant impact on strategic sports marketing. Internal contingencies are the organizational structures that are controlled by an organization

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