Sports Life Camp

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Welcome Letter Welcome to Sports for Life Camp, where your child (ren) will have the best and the most fun training possible for sports. Here at Sports for Life Camp, our main goal and priority is the enjoyment and safety of each student. Our goal here is simple, to have your child(ren) become familiar with a sport, excel in a sport, and learn at least one new sport. We teach the kids the fundamental necessities for each sport, and teach them how to properly play. Through our many different programs and classes, we not only teach the students how to play the sport, but how to have fun while learning. Through our many sports programs, your child will learn how to play the sport, and also develop leadership skills, team building skills, listening skills, and a new understanding of fitness. Our camp not only ensures that your child(ren) will learn a new sport, have fun learning a sport, but also becoming healthier and a more positive outlook on life. Not only will your child(ren) will learn about new sports, but in the long run have a healthier and more positive life. Our camp ensures that each student will not only learn new things for the time they spent here, but for life. We encourage our students to learn more about health, diet and proper training. Our camp not only ensures that your student will have a fun time learning a new sport, but hopefully will learn new ideas in how to live a healthier, happier and more satisfying life. We hope that by the time you child(ren) leave this camp, that they will be healthier, have a new understanding and grasp of a new sport, and a healthier and more positive outlook towards life and their future. Football Equipment Required: 1. Football - The basic starting point for all football equipment. 2. A helmet with facemask - A football helmet is required for all players in
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