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Youth Sport Observation I have been surrounded by sports games all my life, whether it’s me playing the game or my siblings. One of a more recent game that I had watched was my cousin’s sixth grade NJB basketball game. My cousin played for the warriors and he wasn’t the best player but he was an average player. The team was coached by one of the parents whose kid was on the team. The game was about to start and all the players who were going to start had to line up at the score table and check in. The kids then shook hand with the opposing team and told them good luck. The game started pretty even and the both teams were super pumped up. This game just so happened to be the last game of the season and it was for first place. The coach of the warriors you could tell had more of a temper compared to the other teams coach. The warrior’s coach was extremely harsh with his son in particular. The rule in NJB is that everyone has to sit out at least one period and the fifth period anyone can play with free substation. My aunt and uncle had said that the warriors coach did not like that rule but followed it; he wants his son to be playing constantly. The warriors started to crumble after half time, I was watching during half time to see how the coach would react at half time. It was just as what I thought, he was extremely upset. First of all this game is for the kids and is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience. The coach was taking so much away from the kids by throwing a fit that they were losing; mind you they were only down by 5 at halftime. I noticed most of the parents were watching the interaction that was going on at half time. Some of the parents didn’t mind it because he was the coach and thought it was fine. Others had stronger reactions and became furious that their child was being treated that way. The coach got very much so caught up in the

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