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I am writing this letter to you with tremendous amount of disappointment and hope that you actually read this letter to the end. In summer of 2011 Unionville Soccer was introduced to my son who became very eager and interested to join the Unionville Rep. Soccer Team hoping to develop his soccer skills and better himself in all aspect of the game. In September 2011 he started to try out for 99 age group. In Mid October he was told that he was accepted as part of the Winter Program in Unionville. Therefore, he had 3 times a week practice and one day a futsul. From the beginning I could see that he was being treated unfairly by the coaches just because he was an outsiders and not really part of the Unionville team. Unfortunately, with the unfair, immature coach who simply offer lip service and platitudes to my son like “you just need to work harder if you want to be in my team and you will get there”. To me this is one of many things that are very wrong about competitive sports at this level. It is very unfortunate that these coaches were ill trained and really did not have it in their head that their job is very much about teaching character, fair play, integrity, honesty and other very valuable life skills. On February 24, 2012 the coaches called a meeting to announce about placement of our children. To my surprise and disappointment the head coach opening statement was the “OBJECTIVE OF UNIONVILLE SOCCER IS WINNING” and on the side we like to teach and develop the good players skill. IT IS NOT ABOUT WINNING. GOOD COACHES UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE WORKING WITH LIVING, BREATING, AND FEELING ORGANISIM AND THAT THEIR JOB IS TO EDUCATE AND WORK WITH EVERYONE ON THE TEAM REGARDLESS OF THEIR SKILL LEVEL OR SOCIAL IMPORTANCE IN THE COMMUNITY. I am sure you can appreciate the fact that it is easy to take rejection as an adult however, it is brutally painful to see your

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