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Paper 2: Developing a Career Plan Sports Broadcasting “That ball is back, to the wall, and that ball is long gone.” is a popular quote in Baseball that I plan to shout through a microphone in my future. To become a sportscaster, one must establish certain skills. Such as; speaking, social perceptiveness, active listening, and reading comprehension. My career goal is not just to become a sportscaster, but to exceed higher limits and become recognized as one of the best. To achieve this goal, I will have to establish my own original broadcasting style that puts me apart from everyone else. Sports and communication are not the only things that entice me in becoming a sportscaster, there are many other aspects that attract my attention. For example, establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships and working directly with the public. Sports casting has been my dream job since 5th grade and I still plan on pursuing this dream and reaching higher limits. Becoming an efficient broadcaster consist of several components that need to be taken in action. O’Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles ( reports the top three competencies for broadcasting are; talking to others to convey information effectively, understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents, and managing your time and others time effectively. On a different note, Lockergnome states in his article How to Become a Sports Broadcaster, that a successful broadcaster knows the history of sports really well. He believes this ability is mandatory in your reading, because it helps you speak more intelligently on the subject. Sports broadcaster Paul Tinkle from Martin, Tennessee highlighted in his article Sports Broadcasting Tips for Radio Beginners that preparation is the key to success. For example, before the

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